My gratitude. Philip ABANGI want to thank you profoundly for the 100 plus followers. You have been amazing and super supportive ever since I started my website just over a year ago. I started my website with the intention to upload some of my works as advised by my mates. Then I stumbled upon a community of incredibly talented individuals on the platform whom have helped strengthened my quest for learning and discovery. My writing and design have improved significantly also as a result.

I post contents inspired by my love for words and quotes. I use a degree of expressive typography to show these words in an exciting, fun and engaging context. Like words, typography is powerful. Typography bring words to life and expresses words in the way it should be communicated and presented.

I hope to carry on delivering content that informs, inspires and at the same time excites you.

I am truly humbled. Do have a fantastic time.

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By Philip Abang



[Ho Ho Ho] Merry Christmas From Mars!

[Ho Ho Ho] Merry Christmas From Mars!

Merry Christmas 2.png

This is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and best of wishes throughout the remaining season.

You have been immense especially stopping by despite your busy schedule. My appreciation is profound.

May your Christmas be swell.

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By Philip Abang


Verse 35. Believe



“If you don’t believe in your work who else is going to believe in it?” _Milton Glaser.

Inspirational words from a graphic design icon and one of my favourite designers of all time; designer of the iconic ‘INY’ logo.

The saying applies to whatever work you do be it a designer, an illustrator, an artist, a blogger, musician, photographer, painter, writer, doctor, psychologist, nurse, etc.

If I didn’t believe that my posts could inspire myself and at least one person out there, I wouldn’t be posting at all.

Meanwhile, thank you for finding this post inspiring.

Believe in your work, simples!

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By Philip Abang



Diversity =

Dear ZedTears. Diversity = [What it means to me]

together 11

together 4

together 17


I was asked what diversity meant to me, so I thought I’d put this 0.17 second clip together.

Diversity to me is about embrace, the embrace of different race, ethnic backgrounds, gender or culture.

I have represented this by putting together different coloured pencils as a visual representation of different backgrounds from race, gender, culture or ethnicity, and certain keywords that reflect diversity from varied context.

I was thought to flip the word ‘Me’ to ‘We’ in design practice as collaboration, communication, working together as a team takes us farther than in isolation. Similar can be applied to diversity and other areas of life.

Diversity = Embrace. Diversity = We.

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By Philip Abang
Song credit: Keith Kenniff - Receives


Verse 11. Mastery



There is the temptation to have our fingers in every pie. With growing societal and personal demands, it seems like our craft is no longer enough to sustain these demands. The underlying pressures stretches us to become almost everything from photographers, designers, writers, illustrators, bloggers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and the list goes on.

Graphic design is said to be everything. Look around and you find design everywhere, from packaging, logos [Identity design], branding, collateral design, environmental design, iconography, information design [infographics], posters, advertising, editorial, motion graphics, you name it.

As a graphic designer there is the pressure to be good at all the above. However, you can master any of the above and still do well. For example, there are prolific poster or logo designers whose sole earning comes from mastering the art of logo or poster design. Same can be said with editorial, motion design or any other.

Michael Bierut is a prolific logo designer. Also, Milton Glaser known for the ‘I NY’ logo is a prolific poster designer. These famous designers are specialist in their craft. Other graphic designers worth mentioning that I admire and to many are role models include Stefan Sagmeister, Massimo Vignelli, Paula Scher, David Carson [Exploratory Typography], Sean Adams, Bonnie Siegler, Jonathan Barnbrook, Erik Spiekermann, Saul Bass (Title Designer), Edward R. Tufte (Information design), Kyle Cooper (Title Designer), Vince Frost, Margo Chase, John McWade and Ina Saltz. These designers are masters in their craft from environmental design, exploratory typography, identity design, branding, motion, editorial, exhibition, interior design, type design, and teaching design.

Today’s designers are asked to be all of the above. Honestly, that takes your entire life trying to master everything, and I’m afraid to say, there is a chance you remain master of none.

Bruce Lee’s quote denotes a case of mastery in a specific area. The Principle of Specificity indicates that one becomes skilled in a particular area. Nonetheless, mastery requires persistent practice, from fundamental to advance, and from advance to mastery.

I admire those with a signature style. A style that can be pinned to a particular individual in any work of life. I still strive to attain mastery in a specific area in graphics, with 10,000x practice that is achievable I will say.

Lest I forget, Bruce Lee was a genius in his craft.

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By Philip Abang



The Mind, The Body

Dear ZedTears. The Mind, The Body




I have heard people say things like ‘the mind plays tricks’ and I do wonder if this is true.

There are many cases of the ‘imposter syndrome’ affecting intrinsic abilities, performances, downgrading personal achievements, and feeling like a fraud. Could this be a case of the mind playing tricks?

I read a while back that ‘Love in the mind is eternal’. Is this true? How about the growing number of divorce cases in the modern age, where did love go?

Many superior teams have been well beaten by lesser oppositions in sporting competitions. Is it a case of David defeating Goliath or a case of mental strength and focus not being right or present on the day. Was the mind absent?

“Success is focusing on what we put our minds to consistently” _Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins makes reference to the mind affecting our state and well being, and like his quote will suggest; we improve. Then again I wonder, why will the mind suggest that all the success you’ve been able to achieve isn’t particularly good enough. Or maybe, you actually did not solely achieve it as in the case of the imposter syndrome. What really is the mind up to here?

The mind controls self confidence, expertise, preparation, character, discipline, extra ordinary performances and more.

“Learning never exhaust the mind” Leonardo Da Vinci say. Study about the mind seems ongoing. Will the mind continue to present itself like a minefield or will it indicate where it resides, because a thorough question could be put to the mind if it really does play tricks… Does it?

©Dear ZedTears

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By Philip Abang