Our Internal Power

Our Internal Power, Ur Internal Power

Philip Abang. Our Internal Power, Ur Internal Power

I created this artwork believing that our fortitude, our innate power to overcome adversity, fear or worry is tremendous. The power we poses within us is also limitless. If such power is harnessed and channeled the right way, just imagine the outcome… tremendous, right?!!

To quote a dear friend Tambu Geeray, “the potential we have didn’t fall from trees”.

‘Our’ or ‘Ur’ internal Power didn’t fall from trees and it is awesome what ‘we’ or ‘you’ can achieve if a little bit of belief is added to that phrase.

Believe in Ur internal Power.

Philip Abang. Our Internal Power, Ur Internal Power

Design, Art direction, Post
By Philip Abang






Verse 35. Believe



“If you don’t believe in your work who else is going to believe in it?” _Milton Glaser.

Inspirational words from a graphic design icon and one of my favourite designers of all time; designer of the iconic ‘INY’ logo.

The saying applies to whatever work you do be it a designer, an illustrator, an artist, a blogger, musician, photographer, painter, writer, doctor, psychologist, nurse, etc.

If I didn’t believe that my posts could inspire myself and at least one person out there, I wouldn’t be posting at all.

Meanwhile, thank you for finding this post inspiring.

Believe in your work, simples!

Design, Art/Creative direction, Post 
By Philip Abang