Verse 2. Potential

Tambu Geeray quote

I'm Geeray blue and black

Tambu Geeray is an aspiring author and writer. He is multi-talented with the gift of poetry, artistry in multiple genres and his charming personality is infectious.

Tambu is also blessed with the gift of storytelling. His first book (not yet titled) is still in progress and will be coming out soon. A book depicting the adventures of a young African warrior who has been through the gates of hell and conquering every demon along the way.

Life poses myriads of clutching and crippling challenges yet we find ways to overcome these challenges. We have so many untapped potentials that we often are unaware of. Ironically, life delivers a blow and we respond in ways unimaginable. Tambu believes that the potential we possess is divine. With our hidden talents and potentials, if identified and used optimally, we can impact our universe immensely.

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By Philip Abang

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