Verse 3. Confidence



Confidence is a term we are all familiar with. It plays a huge role in almost everything we do regardless of our positions. The quote design above may not be everyone’s taste, nonetheless, it requires a certain amount of confidence to juxtaposition the texts in order to communicate an idea. The design is a visual metaphor in communicating the process of building and losing confidence. It takes an enormous amount to build confidence or belief in whatever we do as it is psychological, except you are naturally blessed with self belief.

Confidence is key particularly to sports people as they require a full dose to perform to their maximum levels or attain great heights. Take football for instance, players perform brilliantly when boost with confidence but you see a shadow of these players bereft of it.

Arsene Wenger is arguably the most successful manager in the history of Arsenal Football Club. It is also fact that he changed the English game when he took charge of AFC. He has won many trophies in his 21 years as the Arsenal boss, however, he is under vast pressure as his very talented players have lost form because they are lacking in confidence. Constantly barraged with questions over their weekly performances, Wenger in his recent interview was probed about this issue (confidence) which he responded simply; “its like going up the stairs and coming down the lift” meaning that gaining confidence is a huge task although losing it was much easier.

Arsene Wenger remains under pressure from fans and the media. He is still holding out for his team to regain form. Hopefully, the reverse would be the case where they gain confidence by way of going up the lift rather than stairs.

Design, Art direction, Post
By Philip Abang

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