Verse 4. I Am



Often we struggle in finding adjectives that describes who we are, what we do, what we represent or what we stand for. Self identification can sometimes come across as egotistical, self glorying, self absorbing, etc. Although, failure in defining what we stand for, what our beliefs are or what we choose to become often leads to self doubt, worthlessness, rejection and inferiority complex.

I belief in the power of words, period! The combination of ‘I’ and ‘Am’ makes the phrase the most powerful word combination arguably. We can equally be as powerful depending on what words that we decide to attribute to the phrase or defining who we are as individuals. Also, we can choose to be happy, sad, kind or cruel with the ‘I am’ phrase.

It is vital to find the right word(s) that follow the powerful phrase. A simple example is to begin to find words that when combined can put a smile on our faces or someone else’s. This practice can begin to help chisel out issues with self identification, self rejection, inferiority complex and so on.

I will like to be identified as so many things but like many struggling with what they represent, I too have to start with the phrase ‘I am’. In Andrew Bennett’s ‘The Magic of Words’, what we speak is what we create.

Let the illustration and design kick start a reflection into ourselves by attaching words that can help describe who we are, what we represent, what we want to become, what we choose to become, what we want to create, Abracadabra!

Design, Art direction, Post
By Philip Abang

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