Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup


As a football fan, it is great to see Nigeria kick off their World Cup campaign with a 2 nil win against Iceland. Iceland were resilient, but two scintillating goals from Ahmed Musa ensured that Nigeria (with the must adored and stylistic jersey designed by Nike) bounced back from a 2 nil defeat to Croatia in their initial outing.

It was a great game for football lovers as two nations delivered a brilliant performance. Commiseration to Iceland.

Looking forward to more fantastic matches from all the nations in the competition.

Best of luck to all the nations!

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By Philip Abang






Verse 14. Together

Together-Henry Ford

Henry Ford’s quote “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” highlights my forethought on Diversity = hence the picture reference. Nonetheless, it is immeasurable how far one could go with a unified front and as a team.

Like this African proverb states “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

Success itself is a journey and requires a combination of factors to get there. Coming together, keeping together and working together are part of many strings to these factors.

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By Philip Abang

Diversity =

Dear ZedTears. Diversity = [What it means to me]

together 11

together 4

together 17


I was asked what diversity meant to me, so I thought I’d put this 0.17 second clip together.

Diversity to me is about embrace, the embrace of different race, ethnic backgrounds, gender or culture.

I have represented this by putting together different coloured pencils as a visual representation of different backgrounds from race, gender, culture or ethnicity, and certain keywords that reflect diversity from varied context.

I was thought to flip the word ‘Me’ to ‘We’ in design practice as collaboration, communication, working together as a team takes us farther than in isolation. Similar can be applied to diversity and other areas of life.

Diversity = Embrace. Diversity = We.

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By Philip Abang
Song credit: Keith Kenniff - Receives