Change happens

Dear ZedTears, Change happens _Tony Robbins #2

Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. Tony Robbins.png

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By Philip Abang



The Mind, The Body

Dear ZedTears. The Mind, The Body




I have heard people say things like ‘the mind plays tricks’ and I do wonder if this is true.

There are many cases of the ‘imposter syndrome’ affecting intrinsic abilities, performances, downgrading personal achievements, and feeling like a fraud. Could this be a case of the mind playing tricks?

I read a while back that ‘Love in the mind is eternal’. Is this true? How about the growing number of divorce cases in the modern age, where did love go?

Many superior teams have been well beaten by lesser oppositions in sporting competitions. Is it a case of David defeating Goliath or a case of mental strength and focus not being right or present on the day. Was the mind absent?

“Success is focusing on what we put our minds to consistently” _Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins makes reference to the mind affecting our state and well being, and like his quote will suggest; we improve. Then again I wonder, why will the mind suggest that all the success you’ve been able to achieve isn’t particularly good enough. Or maybe, you actually did not solely achieve it as in the case of the imposter syndrome. What really is the mind up to here?

The mind controls self confidence, expertise, preparation, character, discipline, extra ordinary performances and more.

“Learning never exhaust the mind” Leonardo Da Vinci say. Study about the mind seems ongoing. Will the mind continue to present itself like a minefield or will it indicate where it resides, because a thorough question could be put to the mind if it really does play tricks… Does it?

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Verse 5. Living



I was invited to give a lecture a few months ago, and I remember being asked in a Q&A session what my 5 year goals were, I sincerely replied “I haven’t thought that far”. I have listened to so many motivational speakers; Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Dandapani are my top favourites in the list. Each of which empower you in life’s goals, focus, discipline, planning and mental positioning.

I remember listening to Wayne Dyer in an interview with Tony Robbins, it was inspirational. It is good practice to learn from the masters as their wealth of knowledge is priceless. Tony Robbins once said “a plan is nothing but planning is everything”. It is wise to plan for the future, but on the same token, it is also wise to appreciate each day as it comes, not overlooking the little things that matter in the present.

Frankly, my plan 5 years ago wasn’t to be designing content or quotes and sharing it on the internet. It wasn’t about writing a blog either. Life takes us in multiple directions as that plan we had 5 years ago is either overtaken by events or tossed to a corner as implied by Tony Robbins’ “a plan is nothing”. Living in the moment is paramount, appreciating people around us like our families, friends, people in need, or even the fresh air that caresses our being each day is essential.

Taking stock of each day begins to frame our minds towards our goals and purpose for the future. However, live today showing love and care for the everyday things that matters to us the most as tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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By Philip Abang