Fame is easy

Design. Fame is easy _Brian Collins

Mastery. Brian Collins

Fame is easy but mastery is hard. Brian Collins

Design, Art direction, Post 
By Philip Abang

2 thoughts on “Fame is easy

  1. phillip –

    I am so glad you enjoyed my comments.

    but please, please, please do NOT call me dr. collins.

    my doctorate degree is an honorary one. and while i am quite proud of that honor, i don’t use it as a title.

    that’s a bit too cheeky.

    even for me.


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    1. I thank you so much for commenting on my post. I will be editing the post to remove the title.
      I have to say that it was a priviledge watching you and Chris Do on ‘The Futur’ YouTube channel, and everything you said was gold.
      It is an honour listening to one of design’s great.
      Please allow me to cease this opportunity to show my appreciation for the insight and inspiration that you have been ever since. Also, for letting me and presumably many others know about Corita Kent.


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