Dear ZedTears. Fear


I was watching some video clips on YouTube when I came across Zach Williams’ Fear Is a Liar , I was completely hooked.

The lyrics were powerful, touching upon the life’s of three individuals in the video on how fear affected each differently.

In not too distant context, fear can be crippling and can hinder progress. The fear of failure, fear of trying or taking risk deprives us of certain opportunities and overcoming road blocks.

More so, creativity is born out of risk taking and mostly flipping the script. Some risk are worth taking to get to the next level. Life’s biggest risk is not taking one. For new chapters, pages must be flipped.

Overcoming fear is the beginning of excellence and accomplishments.

Cast that fear in the fire, for fear truly is a liar.

©Dear ZedTears

Design, Creative/Art direction, Post
By Philip Abang
Lyric Credit: Zach Williams performing Fear Is A Liar (Official Music Video).



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