Become a possibilitarian

Become a Possibilitarian _Norman Vincent Pearle
Become a possibilitarian.
“Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities _ always see them, for they’re always there.” _Norman Vincent Pearle.
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By Philip Abang

Adopt Positivity

Adopt Positivity


I came across this article How to Create a Positive Attitude, it is worth a read.

Here are some bullets points I gathered from this insightful article by Geoffrey James:

1. Remember that YOU control your attitude.

2. Adopt beliefs that frame events in a positive way.

3. Create a “library” of positive thoughts.

4. Avoid angry or negative media.

5. Ignore whiners and complainers.

6. Use a more positive vocabulary.


Thank you very much and have a good day.
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By Philip Abang


Verse 18. Storybook


Life is like a storybook; we go from one chapter to another flicking through one page and the next. Occasionally, we go back a few pages.

Some chapters are incredibly captivating, some are filled with tales of good tidings, smiles and laughter; some are a reflection of a horror movie while some are like a psychological thriller. Some are just too good to be true; fairy tales of a never ending story, and some are er… a head scratch!

Whatever the story, there are parallels to be drawn. Positive and negative are relatives. Making a summation on all chapters and turning it to a bestseller is an ultimate achievement.

Let’s make our stories bestsellers!

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By Philip Abang