Creativity 2

Design. Creativity 2



Creativity is the ability to see things others don’t see; see things from a different perspective. I am paraphrasing from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi‘s thought on creativity.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is renown for the concept of Flow, and the study in the aspects of happiness and creativity.

Creativity comes through the different disciplinary ways of seeing things.

My faulty scanned piece of work has served as an abstract design piece to allow the viewer to associate different meanings to the image.

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world, without it I am not OK… the only unique contribution we will make to this world will be born of creativity. _Brené Brown

Design, Creative/Art direction, Post
By Philip Abang


Verse 19. Learning


“Knowledge is power and learning is super power” _ Jim Kwik

I worked previously on a project themed on ‘Learning’. It is common sense that knowledge is power, but knowledge is acquired via learning and discovery.

As a graphic designer, one constantly seeks knowledge in order to solve problems and to bring ideas to life. Designers are visual detectives and visual communicators. When creating work or responding to a clients brief, research is key and in the process more is learned.

The counter or negative space in the letter ‘W’ from the word ‘POWER’ are two inward pointing arrows symbolizing ‘knowledge’ and ‘super power’ you acquire or gain when you learn or discover new things. Take away the ‘P’ and ‘R’ from the word ‘POWER’ and you are left with the word ‘OWE’.

Learning is what you OWE yourself.

Keep learning.

Learning is never too much, rather, it is insufficient.

Design, Creative/Art direction, Post 
By Philip Abang