Happy New Year 2020

2020; Growth, Gains and Greatness

Happy New Year 2020 by Philip Abang..

Wishing you a New Year of remarkable growth, gains and greatness.

Thank you for stopping by. Remain blessed.

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By Philip Abang

More gained in listening

Verse 38. More gained in listening


You learn more by listening. Maybe not the case for some, but listening is a skill.

There is a funny African saying which goes… “pretend to be a fool but you learn a lot”, implying that acting as though you do not know leads to a better understanding, and the other sharing more information.

In any case, listening opens you up to new information, better understanding and more knowledge.

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By Philip Abang

Being a writer

Dear ZedTears. Being a writer


It was really inspiring reading ‘The Bitter Price’ by Cristian Mihai. It is an excellent read.

Cristian Mihai talks about the price of being a writer. Beneath every success there is an underlying sacrifice or pain that one encounters. Referencing Oprah as one very successful and one that tells you you can be just as great. Well, maybe you can or maybe not! This is the pain of a writer.

To have lean muscles one must sweat and burn calories. The physique you gain as a result may be admired by some and probably not by others. The writer might gain success and fame or the reverse is the case. But the writer writes because they enjoy writing.

“You write from the heart because you enjoy the pain of being a writer.” _Cristian Mihai.

I love quotes so I do my best to design and post some on my site using expressive typography. Some days I get a few thumbs up by those inspired by the message, some days not at all. But my love for quotes lingers on as quotes are expressed as words, and words are powerful.

Designing peoples words (what they have said) and occasionally sharing my thoughts on my blog gives me joy.

“Not money, not fame, not glory, not even a thank you” as Cristian has eluded to, will be a stumbling block for the joys in the pain of designing these words that inspire others on certain days.

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By Philip Abang