Idiopathy [Pain is]

Idiopathy denotes a disease which arises spontaneously with the origin unknown. The book project investigates Idiopathic peripheral neuropathy and other forms of pain. Dr Elliot Krane, a Pediatric anesthesiologist, describes pain as a disease. When we are cut, we bleed says Andrew Osman, a graphic design lecturer at the Art and Digital Industry UEL.

Physical, psychological or emotional pain sensation is non visual. The experimental image making process uses a degree of abstraction to visually represent nerve sensations. Examples of nerve sensation caused by neuropathic pain includes, numbness, burning, pins and needles, stabbing, radiation, electric shock, and more. The image making process consists of long exposed photography, screen prints, etching, photograms, marbling and augmented reality. [AR done in collaboration with Leon Barker PhD].

new darkroom scans part 2 6 250d











idiopathy. pain is.,.png

idiopathy. pain is



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