Life is a succession of moments

Life is a succession of moments. Corita Kent #1

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Many thanks to Chris Do, Founder/CEO of Blind and The Futur for yesterday’s YouTube life stream Why Redesign the Dropbox Logo? Design Master Brian Collins Explains.

I have learnt so much about design from Chris Do, his tutorials, lectures, talks, videos, etc. I am a huge fan. Chris Do is one of the most influential designers presently in my opinion, changing the way design is viewed, thought, and above all, his input on the business of design.

One of his greatest attributes is his act of giving. The wealth of knowledge which he has accrued over the years as a designer, director, strategist and educator, is helping both young and experienced designers on new ways of approaching design and strategy. Along with what he contributes to a new generation of designers, he features some of the biggest players from the design industry on his many platforms. Upon that, the gesture is extended with a sprinkle of stars and personalities from non design backgrounds.

Yesterday’s live stream was incredible featuring Dr Brian Collins, CEO/Founder of Collins. Dr Collins achievements are remarkable, and his works spreads across brands including Coca Cola, Ogilvy, Spotify, Dropbox and much more. Dr Brian Collins was sensational, sharing tips from his approach to design, branding, etc. I loved his office library containing over 2000 books, and stating that “books are rockets, they can take you anywhere, past, future…”  Books are the genesis in helping you create new and future design solutions from looking into past designs. What a gem!

My big take away from the live stream includes; seeking influence or inspiration outside of design (if you are a designer). Also, design something that will last for a long time, extend your idea through time, and be in the moment. Put sincerity and honesty in your work. Be authentic and extraordinary. Fame is easy but mastery is hard. Seek mastery; mastery takes time, mastery is earned. Poetry is branding. Brands are based on two things, the familiar and the surprising.

My final take away was Dr Collins sharing the work of Corita Kent, a nun, artist and educator. This is one of his influences. Her works are a breath of fresh air, colourful, stunning, and each communicating a point of view. Thanks to Dr Collins, I have just found me a new influence! It is worth looking up her works. Not only did I enjoy looking at her works, I was inspired too.

Her take on life is just as the quote denotes “Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed.” Be in the moment, and appreciate the little details which are often ignored.

I will be sharing more wonderful quotes from Corita Kent and more insights from design icons and players in the industry.

Thanks again Mr Chris Do and Dr Brian Collins, you gems!

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By Philip Abang

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