Verse 2. Potential

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Tambu Geeray is an aspiring author and writer. He is multi-talented with the gift of poetry, artistry in multiple genres and his charming personality is infectious.

Tambu is also blessed with the gift of storytelling. His first book (not yet titled) is still in progress and will be coming out soon. A book depicting the adventures of a young African warrior who has been through the gates of hell and conquering every demon along the way.

Life poses myriads of clutching and crippling challenges yet we find ways to overcome these challenges. We have so many untapped potentials that we often are unaware of. Ironically, life delivers a blow and we respond in ways unimaginable. Tambu believes that the potential we possess is divine. With our hidden talents and potentials, if identified and used optimally, we can impact our universe immensely.

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Words are very powerful. Words especially derived from quotes evoke certain emotions and most times a call for action. Quotes can be or is considered a ‘food for the soul’ be it lengthy or short. The messages which quotes transmit could either be uplifting, insightful or even destructive depending on how it is conceived or delivered. However, quotes conveying positive messages and food for thought impacts many an individual, old or young, rich or poor, sad or happy etcetera.

Friedrich Koenig’s was known for inventing the hand press, a steam-powered double-cylinder printing press which prints on both side of the paper. Friedrich Koenig was a German investor and his invention along with a watchmaker Andreas Bauer, changed the media world. See Friedrich Koenig’s invention changed the media world.

Often we yearn for happiness but yet neglecting the little detail or things which are supposed to illuminate the emotions which generates what we perceive as happiness. Happiness can be described in many ways as happiness itself holds varied meanings from one person to another. Nevertheless, focusing on Friedrich Koenig’s quote, it is imperative to highlight the power of recognition and appreciation as both words if acknowledged goes a long way in pointing us in the right direction, either in pursuit of happiness, problem solving and other aspects of our daily lives.

How often do we yearn for the trivial and neglect the tangible, the ‘trivial’ being what we DON’T have and the ‘tangible’ being what we DO have? The sooner we begin TO recognize the tangible and stop dwelling on the trivial, the sooner we begin to appreciate what makes us HAPPY and what HAPPINESS truly is.

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By Philip Abang